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Extension Services

Sativa Leigh Specializes in Natural Beaded Rows Extensions. 
NBR is the leading luxury hand-tied extension method that creates the most seamless results, and impactful transformations 

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Why NBR?

Natural Beaded Rows Extensions look and feel like your own hair.

NBR is a Luxury Extension method that utilizes hand-tied wefts, micro-beads, and a stitching technique to give you the most hair with the least attachment points. NBR is the least damaging method that offers the most light weight and seamless result possible.

Do you have thin hair, short hair, recovering from chemical damage, a bad haircut, maybe you are trying to grow your hair out, or just lack a little confidence in the mirror?

Whether you just want to enhance what you have, or you want to look like a whole new person Extensions will fulfil that.

How Does It Work?

Lets Start

Fill Out The Application

Please fill out the interest form so I can get to know a little bit about you, your hair history, and hair goals!

Lets Chat

Schedule A Consultation

During a 15 minute consultation we will address all of your questions and concerns. We will cover what your maintenance, lifestyle, pain points, and attainable goals are.

Lets Begin

New Hair Install Appointment

Your New Hair Install Appointment will encompass everything to create the most transformative results, a styling session, make up and a mini photoshoot.

What is your goal?

Are you looking for volume, or a whole transformation?

One Row

Enhance Your Volume

One Row on NBR will dramatically enhance the volume of your hair. We can give your hair a boost or even a pop of color, but we will not add length

Two Rows

Volume + Length 

2 Rows will allow us to add length, volume, and transform your color. 

This is the most common recommendation. 

Three Rows

Maximum Volume + Maximum Length

When would I need 3 rows if 2 rows adds volume and length? 

If you have thick hair, or if you want the most length possible 3 rows may be recommended based in your transformation goals.

A Mini

Blending Insurance

What is a mini?
A Mini is a partial row that is added to 1 row and 2 row installs. It provides the ability to layer and blend your hair with the extensions when we have shorter layers. 

What is the maintenance?

Move Up 

Every 6-8 weeks

Every 6-8 weeks we remove, cleanse, and treat both your natural hair and your extensions. 

The health of your hair, and your color needs are evaluated every time to ensure a beautiful and luminous result every time. 


Every 6-8 weeks

Based on your individual goals and color needs we will address your hair color and treatments with a Spruce me up appointment. 

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