Sativa Leigh Hair Design

At Malva. House Of Hair

18081 SW Lower Boones Ferry RD

Portland, OR, 97224

Phone: 971 255 9634


Wednesday                 1:00   - 7:00

Thursday & Friday          10:00 - 5:00

Saturday                      10:00 - 7:00

NBR Application Form
Are You Currently Wearing Extensions?
Have You Had Hair Extensions Before?
How Long Have You Been Wearing Extensions?
Which Of The Following Best Discribes Your Hair
Which Of The Following Best Discribes Your Hair?
Is Your Hair At Least Shoulder Length?
Is Your Hair Currently Colored?
Are You Looking To Change Your Color Completely?

Head & Hair Shot

Follow the instructions below to upload your Current Photos.

This is the final stage of the application and likely the most important.

1. Must be a photo of your current hair.
2. Use your cell phone.
3. Have someone else take the photo for you (No Selfies)
4. Take in natural lighting indoors (No Flashes or Direct Sunlight)
5. You will take three photos - Front, Back and Side.

Upload Front Photo
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Upload Side Photo
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Upload Back Photo
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Upload An Inspirational Photo

My Hair Inspiration
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Pricing Information

Thanks for taking an interest in natural beaded rows hair extensions.

Most first time clients can expect to invest $1,000 to $2,200. This investment covers NBR Hair Extensions, Seamless Color, Cut and Styling.


For my returning NBR Clients you can expect the following:

* Re-tighten the NBR hair extension every 6-8 weeks.
* Replace the NBR hair extension every 4-6 months with brand new hair.
* Some choose to refresh some of the hair sooner then later and this comes with an addition investment.
* A usual tighten and color touch up ranges between $400 - $800

_____, having full knowledge of the financial commitments to obtain and maintain your NBR® Extensions, are you prepared to make the financial investment necessary to Sit In My Chair and Experience Natural Looking Hair Extensions?